Why Come to counselling?

People come to counselling for many different reasons.  If you are stuck of having difficulties with a certain issue, counselling is for you.


What is counselling like?

Counselling is a very personal journey, that is unique to each individual.  Counsellors do not give advise, they are there to listen and support you whilst you are working on your issue.

At the start of counselling at Colette Counselling each client will have a free 30 minute assessment.  If the client decides that they would like to book for counselling, counselling sessions are generally on a weekly basis and last for 50 minutes.


How long will I need counselling for?

Each individual case will be assessed and the the Counsellor and Client will discuss this.  The Client and the Counsellor will then agree to begin work for a number of sessions.  The Counsellor will monitor the Client's progress and this will be reviewed regularly. 


How do I access counselling?

You can either call or text Colette on 07762970024, to book an appointment.  You can also email me via the contact page.